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What to Expect:
Pet Sitting

Never used a pet sitting service? No worries! Pet sitting is a positive alternative to boarding your pets and gives you peace
of mind, knowing a responsible professional is caring for your
pets and home. When you first contact us, we will schedule an initial consultation meeting at your home. This is so you can get to know us and our services and we can meet you and your family. It is important that your pets like us too! We’ll review the completed information form with you to help us understand your
pet’s needs. Please remember to have 2 sets of keys made beforehand one will be the working copy, the second we will keep on file to be used only in an emergency situation.

NYC Pet care

Each day while you are away we will visit your home to walk,
feed, and play with your pet(s) where they will remain in their familiar and safe environment. Your pet will follow their regular
diet and exercise routine as closely as possible.
 Our goal is
to see that they remain happy and stress free!

Click here for What to Expect: Dog Walking

Preparation is Key!

Whether this is your first time using an in-home pet sitter or
you are an experienced “pet parent,” there are a few things you can do 
to ensure your pet(s) have an excellent experience. We have compiled a checklist of things you can do to prepare your pet(s) and your home for a successful visit.

Click here to preview the Preparation is Key checklist.

To print or download a pdf copy of the checklist click here.

Have Questions? Please read our FAQs.  Ready to get started? Click here.

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